Bill Gates tackles the coming Alzheimer’s Epidemic

This past month, Bill Gates took an important step in supporting the search for an effective treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease through a 50 million dollar donation. Just as importantly, he addressed the terrible consequences of inaction and also proposed concrete steps for moving forward in his blog (gatesnotes). International leaders should take note, and follow his example.

Here is his important message:

Here is my article on the coming national crises in neurological disease:


Photography Page is Live

As with film, a related passion of mine is photography, though my busy schedule limits how often I can indulge it. However, I have created a photography site, Clifton Gooch Photography, which can also be accessed from the Clifton Gooch Photography Page on this blog, which includes street, art, architecture, and black & white galleries, among others. If time allows in the future, I may also post some comments on the photography page.
Fortunately, basic photography is now easily accessible to everyone due to the omnipresent smartphone (and I encourage everyone to try out not only taking pictures, but also processing them through any one of a million apps), and the higher art of photography is better than ever, thanks to ongoing advances in digital and optical technology.